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Florence Putterman

Circus Spirit
My work began with an exploration of nature, sometimes seen close-up and sometimes at a distance. Gradually my focus shifted to an exploration of certain basic forms which occur in nature including and particularly those non-verbal communicative symbols that man has left on walls and other dwellings.Much of my work seeks to evoke an emotional response on the part of othe viewer. In the process of working my images together narratives emerge but are not planned at the outset. Sojme of my canvases are pregpared with crushed shells and sand bonded by gesso. I prepare the canvases first with this medium. Paint is appllied after the surface is hardened. This creates a three-dimensional quality that gives the images a great deal of depth. When I am painting, I am only aware of the canvaas and what it tells me to do. I am not as concerned with the actual representation of images as much as I am concerned with arousing the sense of the viewer. I like to work in a series with similar images in each work. In allt he works there is an urgent plea for the earth interspersed with a reminiscent look back.