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Suk Shuglie

Purple Sheep, LE print
imagesI've always envied artists or people who could express their innermost thoughts as visual works. Ever since I can remember, I was always attracted to the arts, whether it be music, dance sculpture, or painting. I always felt that I belonged. I want to leave to future generations the gift that past generations have left to me.
Suk Shuglie, born in Seoul, South Korea, grew up on a farm in Yesan, a small town about 100 miles south of Seoul. She was on of eight children. For years, Suk would study things she saw and remains charmed by the processes of time, which fulfill themselves through change.Ms. Shuglie has painted most of her life, and painting is her life's pursuit. Her acrylics, which she describes as a form of "impressionistic expression," suggest particular, intimate details as well as universal features. She uses fantastic colors to create impressions of warmth, vitality, and spaciousness. Her originals are in the permanent collection of many corporations and private collectors in the United States, Europe, and Asia.Throughout her primary and high school years, her love and practice of art manifested itself in every art course she could take. Suk's life changed profoundly during the late 1970's, when she met Wes Shuglie and married him in 1980. Having moved to Lancaster, far from the land of the Morning Calm, she painted for reasons of homesickness. She wanted to be an artist who learns from art, past and present. During the 1990's, Suk obtained a degree from Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in Lancaster, attended Millersville University and after a rigorous selections process, she was invited to several summer workshops at Bennington College in Vermont. In addition, through national and international competition, she won positions in the Master Painting Program at the Academia Di Belle Art in Florence, Italy, and in the Master Painting Program at the Escola d' Arts Plastiquie I Disseny in Barcelona, Spain.She grew increasingly aware of the connections she could make between her own work and the work of other artists. Suk has built up a wide, well-earned reputation in the Lancaster area and in the Mid-Atlantic region. Her work has been published in The Best of Watercolors, Vol. 3 and most recently in the In Their Own Words. In addition, Suk had been listed in the National Registry of the Who's Who in Executives and Professionals in the Arts, 2000-2001 Edition and The Library of Congress Bicentennial (1800-2000) Edition of Local Legacies.Suk wanted to give a sense of continuity or permanence to the relationship she built up during her appearances at art shows. She thought the best way to do that was to open her own art gallery, which she did in 1997, the Suk Shuglie Gallery in Lancaster.As a visit to Suk's gallery will indicate the body of her work remains remarkable for its consistency of quality and technique. She remains faithful to the splendors, dreams and creations of childhood. She gives lasting life to moments of exalted experience, each one having its own strength and subtlety and beauty, each of her strokes a line of life, an unsubdued glory.