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Gregory Blue

Sunrise with Stand of Blue Trees
oil on canvas 48in x 72in
images"I dream of painting, then paint my dreams."
-Vincent Van GoghDreams are the manifestations of the unconscious mind. They cannot be controlled or contrived, and often make little sense to our conscious, directed thoughts. It is this place, influenced by my daily visual experience, from where I try to draw the imagery for my work. Rather than recreate an exact representation of a place, I attempt to capture universal themes that are more familiar to everyone. In this way, the viewer often finds aspects of my work that speak to their experience.I often begin a work by simply applying color to a canvas without any preconceived notion of what the composition or specific image might become. This process relies on spontaneity and immediacy and I allow the act of painting to direct the work and lead me toward the result. The subject of the work is intuited, rather than consciously predetermined, and quite often it is most challenging to know when the work is complete.Landscape painting affords me the greatest opportunity to remain representational while continuing to abstract my imagery. It is the constant redefinition of the boundary between abstract and figurative work that holds my interest and continues to provide a means of interpreting the way in which I see the world. The transition of light during the course of the day, influenced by weather and season provides an infinite wellspring of inspiration from which to draw.

Partial List of Corporate Collections

  • Johnson and Johnson Corporate Collection, East Brunswick, NJ
  • Jackson National Life Insurance Co., Lansing, MI
  • ETAC Associates, Chalfont, PA
  • Kidder and Peabody, Philadelphia, PA
  • Liberty Development Corporation, Harrisburg, PA
  • Eastbum and Gray, Doylestown, PA
  • Chester Valley Country Club, Frazer, PA
  • The Hankin Group, Exton PA
  • The Renaissance Academy, Phoenixville, PA