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Scherzo Schizzo No. 1


TODD LEHMAN-SICILIAN SEDUCTIONSDREAMS AND SEDUCTION ARE THEMES in this most recent collection of paintings by Todd Lehman, who
as a boy created dreams from his windup toys. These days his toys are the many layers of experience
from which to pull inspiration for his work. He introduces the collection this way:"At the top of the steps that went up to the attic floor there was a cubbyhole that became my hideout -
especially on rainy days. There was one small window in the cubbyhole that became my window on my
world of strange creatures large and small, and a window on valiant adventures at sea and in jungles. It was a place where I could make up dreams, some of them the windup dreams that came popping out of my windup toys... The windup toys have gone wherever windup toys go when they get old, but the dreams have not stopped...they are still with me."For more information visit Lynden Gallery.