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Artist Submissions

The Arts Hotel Gallery at the Lancaster Arts Hotel is open to artists desiring to exhibit for one quarter. Check our "Exhibitions" page for First Friday info. LAH rents the Art Gallery space regularly to groups - board meetings and dinner parties of up to 20 people provide additional exposure to potential buyers.

All work is juried thru the Gallery Director, Lisa Clemens, and schedules are typically in place a year and a half in advance. Please see Submission Guidelines for further information.

Gallery Exhibition Details

The LAH gallery and marketing staff provide PR thru calendar of event venues aimed at out-of-town guests and visitors to Lancaster, along with the local First Friday venues. The Artist should provide a digital Press Release with images, Artist Statement and Resume to the Gallery Director two months in advance of the exhibition to take full advantage of Arts Hotel opportunities for press coverage.

LAH provides exhibition colorcards for distribution to hotel guests and additional cards for the Artist's own list are available on request. Colorcards are also printed without show info for guest use as postcards. The exhibition is advertised in the Mid-Atlantic Gallery Guide and the international gallery website, Additional advertising would be of the artist's own choosing, and at their expense. Please request a jpg of the Arts Hotel Gallery logo for advertising and submit copy to the Gallery Director for approval before going to press.

The Artist will provide the following for Inventory management:

  • A complete inventory list forwarded to the Gallery Director at least two weeks prior to the exhibition, including the following information: Title of work, Medium, Size and Retail price.
  • On delivery, all work must be individually tagged on the wire or verso, with the following information: Artist name, Title, Medium, Size and Retail price.
  • Wall tags or a List of Exhibition Works should accompany the work on delivery with the following information: Title, Medium and Retail price.

The Arts Hotel Gallery website will include the exhibiting artist on the gallery website if properly labeled digital files are provided six weeks in advance of the scheduled First Friday opening. Images and text MUST BE submitted specifically as requested below:

  • Images of Exhibition Works - save as a 300 dpi jpg file, 400-600 pixels on the largest dimension and label the file as follows: LastName_ImageTitle_Size_Medium_YearOfCreation
  • Artist Photo - save as a 300 dpi jpg file, 400-600 pixels on the largest dimension and label the file as follows: LastName_PHOTO_Year
  • Brief Artist Statement and Select Resume - save text for Artist Statements and Resumes as a Word Document, single space, left justified, with no tabs. Together, they should be no longer than two pages in length. Save these documents as follows: LastName_ARTIST STATEMENT AND RESUME_Year

The Artist incurs any reception costs of their choosing. John J. Jeffries Restaurant, adjacent to the Hotel lobby, drinks can be purchased all evening.

  • The restaurant is available to cater your event if you choose, and you may bring additional food and non-alcoholic beverages. Any alcohol, wine or otherwise, must be purchased and served by the Restaurant due to PLCB regulations.
  • The Artist may schedule live entertainment in the lobby at their own cost, upon approval of the Gallery Director. If scheduled far enough in advance, the name of the musician or group can be included in any PR the Hotel marketing staff puts out. A list of small bands and musicians is available on request.

Exhibits are dismantled and new ones installed the Thursday before each First Friday. The Arts Hotel Gallery staff will install and dismantel all exhibitions. Work must be framed with archival standards and wired to be hung from a picture rail. Please have hooks as close to the top of your work as possible for best presentation.

  • A representative of the Arts Hotel Gallery will contact you to schedule delivery and pick up of your work.
  • The custom boardroom table and chairs will be removed for installation and remain out of the gallery thru the First Friday Artist Reception.
  • Please note - The Arts Hotel Gallery is a popular space for Board Meetings and Cocktail Parties. It is suggested you notify your collectors to call the Hotel, 299-3000, prior to a visit when making a special trip to be sure the gallery is not occupied.

Artist is responsible for delivery or shipping of purchased works after the exhibition is dismantled.

  • Payment for work being shipped will be processed when email confirmation to the buyer, including a tracking number is copied to the Gallery Director. Shipping can be charged to the customer and reimbursed to you.
  • The Arts Hotel Gallery mails a commission check to the Artist within thirty days, plus any applicable shipping and handling charges submitted. As of January 2009, the Arts Hotel Gallery commission on work sold will be 35%.
  • The Artist is expected to forward any commission to the Arts Hotel Gallery for any exhibition work they sell directly to collectors within thirty days of the exhibition.

Further Questions?

The Gallery Director, Lisa Clemens, can be reached via