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Work Type:
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Submission Guidelines

Save digital submissions as detailed below for inclusion on the Arts Hotel Gallery website and easy sales follow up on your behalf.


Save as a 300 dpi jpg file, 400-600 pixels on the largest dimension and label the file as follows:

  • last name_image title_size_medium_year of creation

Save Artist photo portraits as follows:
  • last name_PHOTO_year


Save text for Artist Statements, Resumes and Portfolios as a Word Document, single space, left justified, with not tabs. "Porfolios" should include a brief Artist Statement and select Resume, and should be no longer than two pages in length. Save these documents as follows:

  • last name_PORTFOLIO_year
  • last name_ARTIST STATEMENT_year
  • last name_RESUME_year

What to Submit for Consideration

Email to:

  • (5) jpgs indicative of your work, an Artist Statement and a Resume, all formatted as described above.
  • Tell us what you would like to be considered for - Arts Hotel Gallery, Guest Suite Adoption, Self Portrait Corridor or Public Spaces
  • Include your address and phone number and we will contact you for an appointment if we choose to consider your work.
  • All digital files will be held for 2 years.

For a Scheduled Art Gallery Exhibition

Email to:

  • Include a jpg of each work to be included in the exhibition, formatted as described above.
  • Provide a PORTFOLIO piece as described above.

For Guest Suite Adoption, Public Spaces, and Self-Portrait Corridor

Email to:

  • Include a jpg of each work to be installed in the Suite, formatted as described above.
  • Provide a ARTIST STATEMENT, RESUME, PORTFOLIO and PHOTO as described above.